Make your valid legal Will in minutes.

And pay nothing until you're ready to print and sign your Will.
Only then do you pay $49.50 for your legal Will.

This also includes a FREE one year membership to Bequest.
Which means you can change your Will whenever you like.
And your wishes can never be lost.

How to make your Will
You do not need to prepare anything.
Just register and follow the simple step-by-step process.
It includes all the things you need to consider. 
And it’s no problem if you do need to go and find some information or think about hings.
You can just login any time later and add or change things.
Make your Will at your own pace. But it's very important to get it done.

Creating your Will
Once you’ve completed each step you can print a draft copy of your Will. You can amend and reprint it as often as you like.
Only when you’re satisfied and ready to print your final version do we ask for payment.  The $49.50 includes GST and a 1 year FREE membership so you can change your Will whenever you like. And you'll never lose your Last Will & Testament details.

Benefits to you

           •   Simple and intuitive step-by-step process
              •   Takes minutes but you can take as long as you like
              •   You can login and change your Will anytime
              •   Free trial with as many draft Will prints as you like 
              •   No payment ($49.50) until your final Will print
              •   Free 1 year membership included
              •   Free Power of Attorney forms
              •   Free Last Wishes funeral service 
              •   Lawyer review and consultation service

Changes in your life
A lot of things may change during your life’s journey.
Partners. Business. Children. Grandchildren. Property. 
Holidays. Pets. Illness.  And many of these changes should be reflected in your Will.
Uniquely, with BeQuest you can change your Will anytime.
Just login to Bequest and make your changes. It takes minutes.

Do you have children?
It's important you name guardians to watch over them in your place, and leave them money to be administered by trusted people.
For more complex situations and professional advice, we’re happy to arrange a consultation with Legal Exchange, our Australian wide group of expert Estate Planners.  Email  or call on
1300 49 88 69

Do you have a pet?
Name guardians for your pets and leave money for their keep.
Give their vet’s details, and their favourite food and likes.
You can even store a photo of them and print it on your Will.
So make sure your pet is looked after if anything happens to you.

Louise from Byron says:
"I was worried about who’d look after Benjie my cat. 
So I tried your free Will trial and had it done in no time. I now have guardians for him, left some money for his keep and even his vet’s details. It's a relief to get it done. Thank you BeQuest." 

Protect your pets in minutes. Just click here to start your FREE trial Will.

Leave gifts to friends and family
It’s easy to leave a gift or heirloom to a relative or friend.
Simply enter their name and contact details. Then a description of the gift and any distinguishing marks such as serial numbers. Uniquely, you can even upload a picture of it to avoid any future disputes.

Leave a gift to Charity
It’s easy to leave a gift to a charity or a cause that's important to you. You can make a gift to your own favourite charity or choose from our list of popular Include-a-Charity supporters. Or do both if you'd like to spread your goodwill through several charities.

If you wish to gift all or part of your estate to a charity, then you can do this  quite easily in the Residual Estate section.

Partner or spouse Will - half price
As a member, your partner / spouse can enjoy a full Will and one year's membership for half the normal price.  
You’ll receive the offer by email once you become a member.

Expert legal advice
If you need expert advice on overseas property, a substantial estate, blended family, complex tax situation or any other concerns, why not speak to one of our carefully selected lawyers at Legal Exchange Australia.
They have deep experience in Estate Planning, Probate, Dispute Management and acting as professional Executors and Trustees. With a presence in every major City in Australia and most large towns. We're happy to arrange a consultation by phone, Skype or other video link to save you visiting their office.

Just email or call us on 1300 49 88 69

Is your Will secure? 
Yes. Your Will’s stored here in Australia on our highly secure database. It’s held in a special encrypted code so even we can’t read it. We do not pass on your information to any third party unless expressly directed by you.

PS If you do not wish us to keep your Will info just ask us to delete it.

Our service
Remember, we’re a people company here to help you get your legal affairs sorted. Quickly and affordably. Using modern technology coupled with human care and commonsense.
If you’ve any concerns at all just email or call us at 1300 49 88 69. These links are on all the website's headers so they're easy to find.


BeQuest is delighted and honoured to partner and support the Include-A-Charity campaign.

Organised by the The Fundraising Institute of Australia, this nationwide campaign looks to encourage us all to leave legacies to our favourite charities. Supporters include many of Australia's finest charities. Such as: 

You can view and select from the full list should you wish to leave a legacy in your Will. Or enter your own favourite charity.

"You're right! I did make my Will in minutes! Much to my amazement and my missus! In fact she made her own Will the next day using your special offer for Partners.   I'd recommend BeQuest any time."               Murdo Mc Cloud QLD

“I just put up some pics of my dogs on BeQuest! They look amazing. I know they’ll be looked after now. Thank you Beqest people.”  Lucy Peters ACT

“I kept meaning to make a new Will after my divorce but just couldn't face the trip to my lawyers. Did it with BeQuest in no time. Dead easy. Dead quick."    Tom Perkins  NSW

Did you know that as many as 6 out of 10 people die without a Will?

A pretty shocking statistic. And imagine the families trying to cope with the loss of a loved one and not knowing what they wanted to happen to their property? What sort of ceremony they wanted? It's stressful enough to deal with a loved one's loss let alone manage their unknown wants and desires.  It can be a source of bitter family disputes over inheritance. With a great deal of anguish on what to do about dependent children and pets?

So be smart and make a Will now. Take the stress off you and your family.

Just click here to start your free Will trial.

Is your Will Secure?

We take your personal information's security very seriously.  With BeQuest's military grade encryption for all your valuable documents you can rest assured it is kept secure and confidential. We use (SSL) 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate encryption. Our security is audited by Comodo, a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services.

It's very important that you keep your user name and password confidential.

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