Have you divorced recently? Or found a new partner?

Well if so, then you should certainly be making a new Will.


Because you want to make sure the right people inherit your property and money.
And you should do so if..
                          .. you’re going on a big holiday..
                                   .. you're buying property…had children..
                                         .. got new pets..
                                                      .. or you’ve fallen ill.
Making a Will won’t take long.
And you might find it a better experience than you thought. Many people do.

Here’s what one of our members had to say –
“I was dreading making my Will. I just really didn’t want to do it. It seemed all about thinking
of my death and making decisions on who gets what. But I’m so glad I did. Once I got stuck in I found it
a strangely uplifting experience. It helped me see I could do some good by leaving gifts to charities I
cared about. And a chance to give my friends and family something too. The best bit for me was
saying what kind of ceremonies I wanted and being able to leave messages for people. It’s a job well
done and I like the fact I can amend it so easily if I want to. Thank you BeQuest you made it really easy
for me.”  
Mrs. H. Murray

So why not protect your family and enjoy spreading your generosity today.
Don’t delay – just get your Will done today. Click here www.bequestwills.com.au/register/

Yours in friendship
Adrian Sewell - Founder
PS I too kept putting off making my Will, and thanks to the constant reminders from my partner, I
created BeQuest Online Wills. It’s now quick and easy to make your Will and change it any time. 

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