Have you made all the gifts you promised to family, friends and charities?

Have you made all the gifts you promised to family, friends and charities?

If not there are going to be some pretty upset loved ones if anything happens to you.
And possibly some pretty big arguments in the family.

And if you did, have you made sure you identified them clearly enough?
Did you know that BeQuest let's you actually upload photos of your gift?
Even a video if you prefer. And you can include a serial number if there is one.
Plus any other descriptive details such as dimensions or distinguishing marks.
The more detail you give then the less chance of a family fall out.

You might like to leave a friend or relative a sum of money.
If so, make sure you include the currency such as AUD $ or US $ and be very careful of where you put any commas.

And did you leave some money to your favourite charity or cause as you promised?
If so, have you made sure their contact details are clear?
You’d be amazed how many people leave a legacy to an ambiguous charity such as Cancer.
There are numerous "cancer" charities so try and identify a specific one.
Or perhaps leave it to the peak body for cancer who will distribute it accordingly. 

BeQuest offers a list of the Include A Charity members which consists of many popular charities
including the Red Cross, World Vision and Guide Dogs.
You can just click to choose one. And then all the contact details are stored and printed on your Will.
All you have to do is name the amount or describe the object. Job done.

So granting gifts and bequests is really easy in BeQuest.
What's more, you can login and add or change your Will any time.
Remember, it can also be quite tax efficient to make gifts through your Will, and sometimes even beforehand.

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Adrian Sewell

Adrian Sewell is the founder of BeQuest Online Wills which he conceived after his father died without a Will.

BeQuest's mission is to provide easy and affordable will-making for everyone.  

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