Start or change your Will now

Has your partner, and your family made their Will?

It's important they get one done!

Meanwhile have you .........

Uploaded a copy of your latest signed Will to BeQuest?

Used Last Wishes for your funeral arrangements etc?

Made a Power of Attorney or Health Directive?

These could make your loved ones lives much easier. 

Do them now and get them out of the way.



Your Will is kept completely secure by a secret encrypted code.

Even we can't see what you've written.  

Update your Will as changes happen in your life.

Children,  pets, houses, travel, marriage, business.

Make sure your Will is kept up to date. 

Quickly and easily. Any time. Any place.

Just login to your PC, laptop, tablet or smart-phone. And make your changes. In minutes.  

No expensive time-consuming lawyers.

Just get it done when you want to.  

On the train. On the plane. Even on the loo!


Your Will is prepared using our legal template. 

Our qualified lawyer partners are available for specialist advice and guidance.


Your valuable info is safely and securely stored using 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate encryption.


Creating your Will  takes minutes  and can be updated from anywhere using our easy to follow on-line forms and clear instructions.

Simple, Safe, Secure

​As your life changes, maintaining your Will is just as simple. It's safe, secure and accessible from anywhere.